LEND, INVEST, DEVELOP: Portica - Your Trusted Commerical Lending Partner

Portica is a private lender dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for commercial clients in need of a lending partner who thinks ‘outside the box.’ Whether you’re looking at a property acquisition, equity release, debt consolidation, bridging loan, construction loan or a land banking loan, Portica offers competitive rates and a structure tailored to your needs. Our services are built on three key pillars:

Whether you’re looking at a property acquisition, equity release, debt consolidation, bridging loan, construction loan or a land banking loan, Portica offers competitive rates and a structure tailored to your needs. Our services are built on three key pillars: Fast, Reliable and Flexible. 

Fast and Regulated

Portica prioritises speed without compromising security, focusing on responsible lending practices. We meticulously lend and invest, combining our own funds with those of our investors, ensuring that your financial interests are handled with the utmost care.

Reliable and Compliant

Whether you are investing or borrowing, Portica assures clients peace of mind. Our approach adheres to stringent risk assessment frameworks and compliance policies, guaranteeing the reliability and security of every transaction.

Flexible and Expert Management

With a focus on a truly tailored client approach, Portica boasts a track record of seeing borrowers become responsible investors. This success underscores our expertise in loan management, providing clients with confidence in their financial endeavours.

Get to know us

Portica stands as your reliable partner for commercial lending, providing expertise in lending, investing, and development. Count on us for tailored private lending solutions designed to meet your unique business needs.

Portica distinguishes itself as a unique and reliable commercial lending partner through its commitment to innovative solutions, regulatory adherence, and a personalised approach. Unlike traditional lenders, Portica emphasises thinking ‘outside the box’ to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Portica stands as your reliable partner for commercial lending, providing expertise in lending, investing, and development. Count on us for tailored private lending solutions designed to meet your unique business needs.

Areas of focus:

Non-Bank Lending

SME lending tailored to support businesses serving as the backbone of our domestic economy.

Business Lending

Faster processing times, flexible terms, and support for the right businesses.

Asset Finance

Short-term financial solutions for acquiring various assets through Asset Finance.

Portica Securities Australia, fueled by a bold vision, aims to assert dominance in the thriving non-bank lending market within Australia. In 2023, the Non-Depository Financing industry in Australia boasted a substantial market size of $22.3 billion. This figure not only signifies the financial prowess of the sector but also underscores the immense potential for growth and innovation.

We firmly believe that the non-bank lending market has outpaced the returns offered by traditional equities, presenting an enticing prospect for investors seeking alternative avenues. The appetite for something new and lucrative in the financial landscape is palpable, and Portica Securities Australia aims to be at the forefront of this revolution.

As traditional investors grow weary of conventional market dynamics, Portica sees an unprecedented opportunity to become the primary driving force in the non-bank lending sector. The time is ripe for strategic positioning and aggressive expansion to capture a substantial market share.

Our commitment extends beyond merely participating in this market; we aspire to be the unrivaled leader. With a keen understanding of market dynamics, a robust financial strategy, and a vision for innovation, Portica Securities Australia is poised to reshape the landscape of non-bank lending in the country.

In the ever-evolving financial ecosystem, the non-bank lending sector is emerging as a dynamic and resilient player. Portica Securities Australia envisions not just being a participant but a trendsetter, setting new benchmarks for excellence, reliability, and profitability.

The journey ahead is exciting, and with a clear vision, calculated risk-taking, and a commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our clients and stakeholders, Portica Securities Australia is primed to seize the moment and establish itself as the preeminent force in the Australian non-bank lending market.

Portica Securities stands as a beacon of excellence in the financial landscape, particularly within the Real Estate sector, where our commitment to delivering superior risk-adjusted returns distinguishes us as industry leaders. Whether through Credit or Equity, our unwavering dedication to achieving exceptional outcomes for our investors is evident in every facet of our operations.

Experience a realm of financial opportunities with PORTICA, where borrowing for business and investment is not just fast, secure, and simple but also tailored to meet and exceed your unique needs.

Multiple Loan Purposes, One Trusted Partner:

  • Acquisition: Empower your business to seize opportunities confidently with PORTICA’s acquisition loans for strategic moves.
  • Refinance: Optimise your financial strategy for long-term success with tailored refinancing options.
  • Debt Consolidation: Take control and streamline your finances with PORTICA’s debt consolidation loans, paving the way for financial freedom.
  • Equity Release: Unlock your assets’ potential with our equity release loans, providing capital to fuel your ambitions.
  • Construction: Build without constraints with PORTICA’s construction loans, offering financial support to turn visions into reality.
  • Project Equity: Partner with us for project success – PORTICA’s project equity loans provide the boost your ventures need to thrive.

At the core of our success is a collective expertise in originating and executing highly complex transactions within the property sector. This proficiency enables us to offer our investors attractive return opportunities while ensuring that capital preservation remains the cornerstone of each investment decision.

Portica Securities adopts a Private Equity approach to real estate investment, strategically focusing on identifying undervalued assets that promise superior risk-adjusted returns. This distinctive approach positions us as pioneers, consistently delivering results that surpass market expectations.

Our strategic vision involves seamlessly integrating the highly regulated financial system of Australia into emerging markets. By doing so, we aim to provide a reliable and transparent financial ecosystem that mirrors the standards upheld in Australia. This not only contributes to the economic development of these markets but also establishes Portica Securities as a beacon of trust and stability on a global scale.

Focus on Emerging Markets:

Our commitment extends to unlocking the vast potential of emerging markets, where infrastructure development and affordable housing projects are pivotal for sustainable growth. These projects not only address critical societal needs but also create a foundation for long-term economic prosperity.

Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building:

In tandem with our global expansion, Portica Securities is dedicated to knowledge transfer and capacity building. We recognize the importance of not only providing financial solutions but also empowering local communities and financial institutions with the skills and understanding necessary to navigate and thrive in a regulated financial environment.

Teaching and Empowering:

Portica Securities sees the opportunity to act as a catalyst for positive change by not only providing financial services but also imparting knowledge and expertise. Our approach involves teaching and empowering local stakeholders, including governments, financial institutions, and communities, to foster self-sufficiency and sustainable financial practices.

Sustainable Development Goals:

Our foray into emerging markets aligns with global initiatives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By actively participating in infrastructure and affordable housing projects, Portica Securities contributes to the realization of SDGs, particularly those related to economic growth, industry innovation, and sustainable communities.

Commitment to Regulatory Compliance:

Maintaining the same commitment to regulatory compliance that defines the Australian financial system, Portica Securities aims to uphold the highest standards in all jurisdictions where we operate. This ensures that our global expansion is not only a testament to our ambition but also a demonstration of our unwavering commitment to ethical business practices.

In essence, Portica Securities envisions a future where the principles of the highly regulated and trustworthy Australian financial system serve as a blueprint for financial stability and growth in emerging markets. Through a combination of financial expertise, knowledge transfer, and a commitment to sustainable development, we aspire to leave a lasting positive impact on the global non-bank lending landscape, particularly in Africa and other emerging economies.

B. Moses Asset Management Pty Ltd (ACN 648 254 755) is a diversified asset management firm offering comprehensive financial services to wholesale and institutional clients. Our suite of services includes investment and portfolio management, finance, private debt, private equity, commodities, infrastructure, real estate, advisory, risk management, and wealth management.

As a part of our commercial lending initiatives in Australia and emerging markets, B. Moses Asset Management has launched the Portica Private Debt Fund (PPD Fund). This fund is designed to bolster our responsible lending transactions with esteemed commercial borrowers.

We seek to deliver tailored commercial loans that provide the flexibility and empowerment our borrowers need.


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